The HR Institute is a knowledge and training platform for human resource professionals. It provides the HR community with the tools to ensure best practices and excellence in human resource and payroll. HR, as a critical business function, requires an amalgamation of ideas between the HR department, employees and top-level management. HR Institute’s online platform will help the HR department create a seamless flow of information, knowledge, ideas and strategies to ensure organizational success.


From Minnesota to Florida and Maine to Washington, HR Institute’s knowledge base provides legal information, HR policies, checklists, updates and statistics from all the 50 states in the United States. You will get vital information, updates, insights and advice on state-specific employment laws, including FMLA, garnishments, health insurance, breaks/meal periods, unemployment, whistle blowing, travel pay and workers’ compensation among others.


Explore our knowledgebase to create organization policies that are aimed to ensure business efficiency, employee productivity, and profitability, while at the same time making sure that you comply with federal and state laws, regulations and changes. Get expert advice on how smart organizations create their holiday, confidentiality, diversity, social media, business hours, email and internet, leave of absence, no smoking, FMLA, weapons and other important policies to ensure organizational efficiency and to avoid legal pitfalls and penalties.


HR Institute also provides training to HR professionals on trending topics and new regulations through its webinars and audio conferences. These training sessions are led by a select panel of nationally recognized experts in the U.S. HR industry. Webinars and audio conferences cover important topics such as employee performance management and retention, orientation, on-boarding, employee benefits, hiring, firing, overtime, FMLA, FLSA, ADA, exemptions, wage, training, labor relations and more.


Organizations across the globe today face daunting challenges in hiring, training and retaining people while complying with tough regulations. This is where HR Institute aims to play a vital role in training HR professionals with the skills to drive organizational excellence.